3.31.2020 - Car Show Update

From the Leadership team at the Rides of the Highlands Car Club:

Good evening everyone!!  We know it’s been a few weeks since you’ve seen something from us at the Rides of the Highlands Car Club, we did that intentionally knowing that everyone has more important things to worry about right now, besides our show on August 1st here in Tehaleh. 

The simple truth is that the disruptions from COVID-19 are hitting everyone hard, to include many of the other car shows and functions putting their planned events on hold or cancelling. However, most importantly, this hurts our local businesses; many of which use events like ours to support their income as vendors and sponsors.  We see that struggle. We know of the uncertainty that lies ahead for them; and for us, we see the impact this has on the community.   

As of right now, we will continue to monitor everything going on and we will continue planning the car show in August.

We see this is an opportunity for us to bring back hope to our community.  Hope that things will return to some version of normal sometime soon. Hope that we all stay safe and well over the coming days, and weeks.  Hope that when this all ends, we all can come closer together. 

Each of us with the Rides of the Highlands Car Club is fully committed to continue bringing you the August car show as a way to re-unite and bring hope back to our community, because we know we must.