Rides of the Highlands History

From concept to Club...

Each vehicle has a long history back to a different America.  Each car, truck, and motorcycle tells of times when we wanted something different, something that evokes memories of youth and excitement…something personal.   

The Rides of the Highlands Car Club, LLC (503c Non-Profit Organization) was formed in 2019 with a couple things in mind: We love our rides, no matter the make, model, or year; and that no one should ever go without, especially children.   

This is why we will continue to partner with the Bonney Lake Food Bank, with organizations like Toys for Tots, with local schools Donald Eismann Elementary & Tehaleh Heights Elementary to ensure that school lunches debts are paid in full.  

Where does “Highlands” come from?  

Originally named “Cascadia”, a master-planned unincorporated community developed to the south of Bonney Lake, WA, became “Tehaleh” in 2011.  The name is derived from the words meaning “highlands” or “the land above”

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